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jtom means to your business ...

you can develop mobile applications and integrate your valuable enterprise data in an easy and fast way.
you can focus on the business logic of your application since jtom takes care of the the communication between the mobile device and the server.
you can rely on the experience of the jtom-team for your mobile business projects.

jtom raises ...

your development productivity since the communication to and from the mobile device has already been taken care of. The common pitfalls have been identified and avoided.
the clarity of your systems. Based on our experience from previous projects the required serialization is efficient and quality tested during each new project.
the quality of your applications through the recurring use of jtom in various projects with different application requirements.
the stability of the communication layer between client and server. The jtom implementation provides a complete coverage for the requirements of mobile communication.

jtom cuts ...

your development costs. Because you can safely skip the development of a complex mobile client - server communication layer. Simply use an existing, quality tested module.

jtom provides ...

a fast and efficient development cycle in mobile business projects. Your enterprise data can be distributed in a cost efficient way.
a robust data transfer between mobile client and server.
you with an advantage over your competition, since your data is present where you need it most - at the customer.