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What's jtom?

jtom is a middleware designed to connect mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs) with serverside systems.


Based on SUN's J2ME implementation jtom brings additional functionality required for efficient communication with serverside systems.


The J2ME specification currently supports only HTTP for communication with an internetserver. That leaves the developer with the burden of designing complex communication protocols for access to additional back-end systems and their data. jtom combines the possibility to use J2EE application servers as a back-end with ease of use. jtom uses JNDI lookup functionality on the mobile devices for easy access to the required objects.


jtom comes with a JMS client for fast access to your enterprise messaging systems.


jtom consists of 3 components:


The client component exposes the API for the mobile application developer and includes the required functionality for successful communication with the server.

The server component receives the requests from the mobile devices and forwards them to the application server(s). The responses are received by the server component and returned to the mobile device.

The management component will be available in the next release and will allow easy adminstration and support deployment tasks of mobile apps to the clients.

These building blocks allow for efficient creation of solid mobile applications.


Make use of the experience and solutions made during the development of jtom.


Further technical information about jtom is available in the developer area.